Well, who expected “the Producers” to work?

Mel Brooks Mulling Broadway ‘Frankenstein’
As Mel Brooks prepares to introduce the movie remake of “The Producers” next month, the legendary entertainer is mulling a return to his cult classic 1974 comedy, “Young Frankenstein,” this time for a possible Broadway version.
“Me and [Thomas Meehan], who wrote the book with me on the original musical of ‘The Producers,’ we’re working on ‘Young Frankenstein’ for Broadway,” Brooks tells Billboard. “Whether it comes out or not, I don’t know, but we’re having fun working on it. I have six or seven songs written for it.”
Asked if this would then lead to an updated film version of “Frankenstein,√Æ much as the Broadway run of “The Producers” has now spawned a film, Brooks says, “As soon as it’s a musical, they’ll want to remake it!√Æ
In the new “Producers” film, Broadway cast members Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick return alongside Will Ferrell as playwright Franz Liebkind and Uma Thurman as Swedish secretary Ulla.
Brooks wrote a new end-credit track, “There’s Nothing Like a Show on Broadway,” which is featured on the Sony Classical soundtrack along with a Celine Dion-style power ballad performance of “Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop” by Ferrell.
Brooks cautions audiences to stay in their seats for the credits: “So many things are going to happen and the audience will be unsuspecting. They’ll get up and leave and miss three or four minutes of wacky, heavenly stuff.”