Score one for Mindy!!

McCready Gets Some Good News
Mindy McCready has one less problem to worry about.
Prosecutors in Arizona dismissed two criminal charges against the singer Friday that stem from a June incident involving an allegedly stolen pickup truck. McCready had been slapped with charges of hindering prosecution and unlawful use of means of transportation.
Although few details of the case have publicly released, police had said McCready and a man had taken a pickup truck from a woman without permission. The case also involved an attempt to purchase two speedboats worth more than $1 million.
All along, McCready blamed the incident on a con man, claiming she was actually trying to help police catch him.
Though she no longer has to contend with those charges, McCready still has plenty of issues to resolve.
The “Guys Do it All the Time” singer is due back in court on Nov. 14 for a probation violation hearing.
McCready was jailed in Florida in August after a warrant was issued for her arrest following her second violation.
The singer was previously busted on a DUI charge in May and was convicted of fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers in November 2004.
On top of her legal problems, McCready has attempted suicide twice in the past several months by overdosing on a mixture of pills and wine.
The singer revealed that she initially tried to kill herself after learning that she was pregnant with her on-again, off-again boyfriend William McKnight’s baby.
McKnight was charged with attempted murder after he beat and almost choked McCready to death after ambushing her in her home, just days after her drunken driving arrest.
Despite the violent attack that almost ended her life, McCready claims she still loves McKnight and is unwilling to give up on their relationship.
During an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday, she admitted to spending time with him on several occasions since learning she was carrying his child, though they are technically not supposed to see each other.
McCready attributed McKnight’s violence to drug use, but said she did not expect him to hit her again. However, she said she was bothered by his lack of remorse over the attack.
“I wanted him to take responsibility for it,” she said. “I wanted him to be extremely sorry for it.”
But because McKnight, in McCready’s words, “doesn’t think that he’s done very much wrong,” she said that she has had trouble recovering emotionally from the incident.
“As long as I live, I will never get over it,” she told Winfrey. “I will never forget it. And I will forever be haunted by it.”