If you love the TV show “lost” Stay away from this story! SPOILERS!! THere are SPOILERS!!

“Lost” fans are getting ready for a second funeral.
The show has promised to kill off another regular character in just two weeks.
The drama, about a group of plane crash survivors trying to stay alive on a mysterious and extremely dangerous island, has become a whole new kind of TV show where characters that viewers become attached to are killed off at will.
Die-hard “Lost” fans, a group who have become almost as devoted to the show as Trekkies are to “Star Trek,” pore over each episode looking for clues about what’s to come and post their findings on the Internet.
This week, the buzz is over a mysterious √≥ but authoritative sounding √≥ message that that has popped up on several popular “Lost” fan sites in the last few days
“This person is intentionally killed, although the reason will not be known to us immediately,” the anonymous post says.
“This is not a ‘Lost’ murder mystery though, it’s more of a ‘Why’d they do it?’
“The person who dies is a crash survivor. The person who kills them will not be revealed until the [final] November sweeps week episode (of course).
“The network will dangle this information for a while to build anticipation. (Another “who shot JR” moment.)
The full time-line is: Death in Episode 6 . . . Then episode 7 which is mostly told in flashback. . . but ends with a teaser . . .
“Then Episode 8 which reveals who the killer is,” it says. “Look for [the killer] to deceive everybody except for a select few.”
The death episode is set to air November 9.
Last season ended with the death of Boone, a beloved young rich kid played by Ian Somerhalder. Now with another character on the chopping block, water cooler talk about the show is nearing a fever pitch.
Some fans of “Lost” take the show so seriously, they go to extraordinary lengths trying to find clues as to what may happen next.
In some extreme cases, they’ve been known to run scenes backwards frame by frame, like Beatles fans did in the 1960s, searching for hints.
The results of their efforts this week seem to indicate that Maggie Grace, who plays snobby Shannon Rutherford √≥ Boone’s half-sister √≥ is the likely victim.
Among the various reports fans have circulated this season is that an actress on the show found out over the summer that her character was going to be killed. The actress made a fuss and asked producers to do get rid of her early in the season so she could find a new job while the “Lost” is still one of the biggest show’s on TV.
A storyline focusing on Shannon’s back story is expected to air in early November √≥ which has helped fuel speculation that she is doomed.
Another possibility, say fans, is Sun Kwon, the tragic debutante played by popular Korean actress, Yoon-jin Kim.
Officials at Touchstone, the studio that produces “Lost,” declined to comment.