Doctor Who

O Canada, my home and native land!!

Doctor Who – Region 1 Release of the New Doctor is Planned for Canada
We’ve been looking at the possibility of Canada receiving a set of the 2005 Doctor Who series for awhile now, and it’s finally paid off. The BBC posted a press release talking about their sales successes in Canada, and there’s a mention of a Canadian season one set scheduled for February 14, 2006.
There aren’t any plans to release the set in the US at this time, since no US broadcaster has picked up the rights to air the series. The good news is that Canada and the US are both region 1, so you’ll have no problem picking it up if you live South of the border.
We’ll have more information when it becomes available. Canadians will be able to watch the second season of the series on CBC, as well as a Christmas special, hosted exclusive by Billie Piper (companion “Rose Tyler”), which will air on Boxing Day (12/26).