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Austin Powers Going Back in Time?
The brains behind the Austin Powers movie franchise are racing to shoot a fourth film to coincide with the 2006 release of the new James Bond movie Casino Royale. The planned new project would focus on the young Powers and only regular Seth Green would possibly return for the film – to play the younger version of his movie dad Dr. Evil. Producers are keen to work quickly on the film so it will be ready for release on the back of the new 007 movie because Austin Powers is a spoof version of James Bond. Austin Powers regular Michael York, who will not be part of the new film, tells website, “I have heard that they want to do a new film to coincide with the release of the next James Bond movie. Since 007 is going to be younger in that movie, they’re considering doing a Young Austin movie. I don’t know if Mike Myers would even be involved. It would probably be Seth Green playing Dr. Evil Junior.”