That is scary!!

Dr. Phil’s Big-Screen “Scary Movie” Debut
Daytime TV’s Dr. Phil is making his big-screen debut in “Scary Movie 4.” According to ET Online, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw will appear in the opening sequence of the film, along with Shaq, for a parody take-off of the hit indy-horror film, “Saw.” Dr. Phil explains, “It all takes place in this nasty, filthy bathroom [where] Shaq and I are chained up together and the way out is you’ve got to cut body parts off to get loose, so he and I are wondering which one of us will wind up doing it.” The talk-show host joins stars such as Anna Faris, Regina King and Leslie Nielsen in the fourth chapter of the comedy/horror franchise that is currently filming in Vancouver. “I want people to know I don’t take myself too seriously as it might seem when I am into a heavy issue,” says the advice-giver. “I always try to work with humor as much as I can because it diffuses a lot of [people’s] defensiveness. I think it’s good to make fun of yourself.”