Regardless of whether she sings or mouths the words there is one undisputible fact in all of this: She looks better with dark hair!

It’s ‘Synch’ or Swim for Ashlee Simpson
NEW YORK – It’s synch or swim for Ashlee Simpson on her second go-round on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”
The vocally disparaged singer will perform this weekend, almost a year after the “SNL” audience heard her voice √≥ singing the wrong song √≥ while she held a microphone at her waist.
Even though lip-synching has been around for years, the incident resulted in Simpson being lampooned as an example of today’s style-over-substance culture.
Simpson’s manager-father, Joe Simpson, has said she used “extra help” because acid reflux disease had made her voice hoarse.
The 21-year-old singer will perform songs from her upcoming album, “I Am Me,” according to Simpson’s Web site.