Are they wrong?

‘Showgirls’ Sex Scene Named Cinema’s Worst
LOS ANGELES ( England’s Empire magazine has crowned Elizabeth Berkley’s “Showgirls” tryst with Kyle MacLachlan as the worst sex scene in cinematic history.
In the famous scene, Berkley’s Nomi Malone and MacLachlan’s Zack Carey flop around in a garish Vegas swimming pool, thrusting and flailing and splashing up a storm.
“It’s supposed to be the best sex in the world but, as Berkley thrashes around in the water, it looks more like the first ten minutes of ‘Jaws,'” Empire says.
Second place in the poll goes to the escalatingly violent encounter between Oscar winners Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche in “Damage,” while Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes take third with a scene from 2002’s “Killing Me Softley.”
It’s unclear how those two moments could have been worse than the forth place ugly bump in “Body of Evidence,” which expects viewers to get turned on by Madonna pouring hot wax on Willem Dafoe. Kathleen Turner’s “Crimes of Passion” sex romps get fifth, somehow worse than Sharon Stone doing Sylvester Stallone in the shower in “The Specialist.”
The staff at Empire scientifically compiled the list after going through a vast selection of cinematic humping. The complete list appears in the magazine’s issue which will be available on Friday (Sept. 30) in the U.K. and eventually at fine booksellers worldwide.