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Beastie Boys turn 24 with ‘Solid Gold Hits’ set
NEW YORK (Billboard) – On the occasion of the Beastie Boys’ 24th birthday, Capitol will on November 8 release “Solid Gold Hits,” a 15-track compilation that will also be available as a limited-edition CD/DVD featuring as-yet-unspecified music videos.
The Beasties were previously anthologized on the 1999 double-disc set “The Sounds of Science,” which included all but five tracks here. “Triple Trouble,” “Ch-Check It Out” and “An Open Letter to NYC” are drawn from last year’s album “To the 5 Boroughs,” while Fatboy Slim has remixed “Body Movin.”‘
The lone oldie left off “Science” that has been revived for “Solid Gold Hits” is “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn” from 1986’s breakthrough album “License To Ill.”
Due to the fact that the Beasties have been off the radar since completing the tour in support of “To the 5 Boroughs” and that no new or rare material is featured on “Solid Gold Hits,” there is renewed fan debate over the trio’s future.
Here is the track list for “Solid Gold Hits”:
“So What’cha Want”
“Brass Monkey”
“Ch-Check It Out”
“No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn”
“Hey Ladies”
“Pass the Mic”
“An Open Letter to NYC”
“Root Down”
“Shake Your Rump”
“Sure Shot”
“Body Movin”‘ (Fatboy Slim remix)
“Triple Trouble”
“Fight for Your Right”