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Morissette Looks Back With ‘The Collection’
Alanis Morissette’s cover of Seal’s “Crazy” will precede the November 15th release of the retrospective “The Collection.”
The 19-track album will be available as an enhanced single-disc set and a double-disc package with an hour-long documentary DVD.
Aside from such hits as “You Oughta Know,” “Hand in My Pocket,” “Ironic,” “Hands Clean” and “Thank U,” the album features Morissette’s contributions to soundtracks for “Dogma,” “De-Lovely” and “City of Angels,” plus a track she recorded for the compilation “The Prayer Cycle.”
Morissette was first heard reinterpreting “Crazy” earlier this summer as part of Gap’s “Favorites” campaign. The track was available on a CD distributed only in Gap stores this month.
“Ultimately, I put this collection record together to have something to show my great-grandkids one day, and to reflect with objectivity on my own evolution as a writer and singer,” Morissette says.
Here is the track list for “The Collection”:
“Thank U”
“Head Over Feet”
“Eight Easy Steps”
“Princes Familiar”
“You Learn”
“Simple Together”
“You Oughta Know”
“That I Would Be Good”
“Sister Blister”
“So Unsexy”
“Hands Clean”
“Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love”
“Hand In My Pocket”