Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!! Will you ever get well?

McCready OD’s Again
For the second time in two months country singer Mindy McCready has been hospitalized for a drug overdose. And like before, the Friday morning incident appears to have been a suicide attempt.
According to police reports, the “Guys Do It All the Time” singer was admitted to a Nashville hospital after ingesting more than two dozen antidepressants following a fight with the father of her unborn child.
McCready was listed in fair condition as of late Friday and is expected to make a full recovery. No immediate word on the condition of the fetus.
Per police reports, the troubled 29-year-old and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, William McKnight, were engaged in a heated spat over the phone regarding McKnight’s financial commitment to McCready and their child.
Unhappy with his level of support, the singer reportedly proceeded to ingest around 30 pills.
Knowing his girlfriend’s past behavior, the 38-year-old McKnight called authorities.
His call may have saved McCready’s life. Paramedics apparently found the overdosed singer around 4 a.m. Friday at her Tennessee home.
Just this past Monday, the onetime country chart-topper revealed she tried to commit suicide earlier this summer because she found out she was pregnant.
McCready was in court to explain a string of behavior that left her in the hospital and then in jail, and to appeal the terms of her bail.
She was arrested in Florida after officials in Williamson County, Tennessee, issued a warrant last month. According to the warrant, McCready left the state without permission and failed to contact her probation officer during the month of July.
McCready said she went to Florida to be with her family after months of trouble.
Her decline from country star to police-blotter material becan a year ago, when she was charged with fraudulently obtaining the painkiller OxyContin.
McCready, who claimed she was trying to score the pills for a friend, eventually pleaded guilty and was slapped with a $4,000 fine, sentenced to three years of supervised probation and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.
On May 6, the former Nashville darling was stopped for speeding and wound up being charged with drunken driving and driving with a suspended license, which earned her first probation violation.
Two days after her DUI arrest, McCready was beaten and almost choked to death by McKnight, who allegedly ambushed the singer in her home. He was later charged with attempted murder as a result of the altercation.
Within a month, she was charged in Arizona on counts including unlawful use of transportation, unlawful imprisonment and hindering prosecution stemming from an incident involving a stolen pickup truck. She claims she was duped by a con man and mistakenly charged.
By the end of June, she learned she was with child, and that’s when she took off to the Sunshine State. “I attempted to commit suicide after I found out,” she told Judge Jeff Bivins, per the Nashville Tennessean. “I had just been through a horrible ordeal.”
The father is said to be McKnight, who was in Florida at the time of her suicide attempt. He told police the couple had reconciled since the alleged assault. He also handed over her suicide note.
McCready was arrested and jailed in Florida on Aug. 26. She was transferred to a Tennessee lockup a week later and was allowed out on $50,000 bond a week ago. Prosecutors said one of the reasons she was permitted to leave jail was because of complications in her pregnancy.
The singer has already missed two court dates in Arizona due to her hospitalization and subsequent jailing. A judge has rescheduled her arraignment for Oct. 3, but it’s not clear if McCready will be permitted–or physically able–to leave Tennessee.
She’s due back in Williamson County court Nov. 14 to face her probation-violation charges.