Well, it is a great mall!

Pitt, Jolie get busy at Edm. mall
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s visit to West Edmonton Mall yesterday afternoon was full of surprises, with eyewitnesses saying Jolie’s adopted son called Pitt “daddy,” and the Hollywood superstars were seen naughtily necking.
“It was pretty sexy,” said Rosemary Austen, in town from Mayerthorpe.
Pitt and Jolie were in an arcade in Galaxyland at the time, flanked by security. Eager onlookers were snapping photos, some pushed back by bodyguards.
And the kiss, in a darkened corner of the arcade, wasn’t a peck, Austen said. “It was full on. They were necking.”
Austen knew a picture of the two kissing could fetch a fortune.
Security had already cautioned onlookers they’d be banned from the mall if they took a picture, or tried to touch one of the celebs.
Austen couldn’t bring herself to shoot the smooching stars, but did get some pics of the couple walking through the mall and driving away.
“It’s really disappointing. It wasn’t for lack of trying,” said Austen, who’d bought a copy of the National Enquirer to see how much her photos might fetch.
Pitt had been playing pinball with Jolie’s adopted son Maddox, 4.
Eyewitnesses said Pitt crouched and Maddox stood on his leg to play High Roller Casino.
The Cambodian-born boy was having a heck of a time, said witnesses, as he played with ‘papa’ Pitt in the Galaxy Kids Play Court.
That’s when it happened, said Sarah Gardener, who works at a radio station in the mall.
Gardener swore she heard little Maddox ask Pitt, “Daddy, can we go on that ride?”
“It just basically looked like a family at an amusement park,” said Gardener’s co-worker Gennelle Rottare.
“I’m still shaking. I can’t believe it. If I was pinched right now, then it would be real.”
Jolie was carrying Zahara, adopted this summer from Ethiopia, in a blue baby carrier. Jolie was in New York the night before, opening her film Peace One Day.
Pitt has been in Edmonton filming his new movie, The Assassination of Jesse James.
Pitt and Jolie arrived at the mall around 1 p.m. and were out the door before 4 p.m. Pitt drove the family off in a silver SUV.
Misty Wilson found the couple at a west-end Taco Bell drive-thru. Pitt was driving, Jolie at his side.
“We drove in behind just for a giggle,” Wilson said.
The man working the window didn’t know whom he’d just served, said Wilson, or what he’d ordered.
Two women approached Jolie’s side of the SUV while they waited. “She was lovely to these ladies. It looked like she handed them an autograph.”
The couple was then spotted heading west. It’s believed Pitt’s been staying near Devon.