1st phase of ‘Big Brother’ comp ends
Maggie, Janelle and Ivette compete in the first phase of the final Head of Household Competiton on the 24/7 ‘Big Brother 6’ live Internet feeds.
One ‘Big Brother’ HouseGuest is one step closer to the grand prize.
In the first of the three-part final Head of Household Competition, Janelle, Maggie and Ivette were required to balance on the ledge of a giant safe door and hold onto their house key as the dial spun slowly under their feet. Host Julie Chen also revealed that whomever won the challenge would also receive the combination to the last gold safe in the ‘Big Brother’ house.
On the 24/7 live Internet feeds from the ‘Big Brother’ house, viewers saw Janelle fall off at almost four hours into the competition. After some arguing back and forth about who would step off and face Janelle in the second phase, Maggie fell or stepped off the apparatus and Ivette was declared the winner. Ivette will now face the winner of the second portion of the competition for the last HOH title of the year. The winner of that will pick who they are taking with them to the jury vote and who is the last person booted from the series to become the final ‘Big Brother 6’ juror.
After opening the last gold safe, Ivette found a note. The note informed Ivette that her prize was waiting for her in the backyard. There, Ivette found two brand new motor scooters.
In other ‘Big Brother’ news Busto has been busted. April Lewis, the pharmaceutical sales representative from Texas, has joined the ‘Big Brother 6′ jury courtesy of her Disciples’ Alliance mate Ivette Corredero. Ivette won the final Golden Power of Veto Competition on a taped portion of the show and saved herself. Head of Household Janelle Pierzina nominated April Lewis in her place. This set the stage for Ivette to cast the sole vote for eviction on the live segment.
In her speech, Ivette thanked all of the Disciples Alliance members for their support. She then cast her vote.
“I do not wish this position not even on my worst enemy. I cannot believe I am going to do this and I never pictured myself doing it but April, I have to evict you and I am so sorry,” said Ivette as she shared a hug with April.
Despite the bitterness that has arisen over the Veto victory and personal issues that have come to the surface recently, both women acted cordial to each other on the broadcast. On the live Internet feeds from the ‘Big Brother’ house, April and Ivette had a series of heated arguments and stopped speaking to each other. After being plagued by her conscience, April accused Ivette of influencing too many of her decisions during the game.
In her conversation with Julie Chen on the Couch of Shame, April downplayed her falling out with Ivette even though host Julie Chen pressed her on the issue several times.
“I am blaming everything on the house and nothing on any of the other people,” said April. “I kind of stayed out her path the last few days because I know her feelings were hurt and I told her I am really sorry and she hurt mine as well. I told her that I loved her and to hang in there. I hope for the best for all three of them. They are all wonderful people.”
April went on to say she would never blame her actions on someone else but she was influenced to do things she normally wouldn’t have done in the outside world.
“I take responsibility for that and I am not going to blame it on her (Ivette),” said April.
The final member of the ‘Big Brother 6’ jury will be evicted on a special Friday episode leaving the last two HouseGuests to face the jury on the season finale next Tuesday night. The winner of ‘Big Brother 6’ will take home $500,000 U.S. while the loser departs with $50,000 U.S.