I sthere anyone who would go and see this?!?!

Could Robbie Williams Have “Saturday Night Fever?”
British pop singer Robbie Williams could soon be heating things up on-screen in a re-make of Saturday Night Fever. According to UK tabloid The Daily Star, the Bee Gees brothers, Robin and Barry Gibb, will be in a position to remake the disco hit that starred John Travolta back in 1977, after rights to the film’s songs revert back to their ownership sometime this year. One source close to the brothers, says, “They have always wanted to remake the film and bring out a more modern version and Robbie is the ideal candidate to play Tony – he can sing, dance, is a good-looking lad and has loads of charisma.” With the release of Williams’ sixth album this month, the singer’s popularity might just help give him that ‘Fever’ quality that lands him the role.