It hurt me just to watch it!

‘Virgin’ Waxing Scene Easy – for Co-Stars
LOS ANGELES – The day that had to be Steve Carell’s most difficult while filming “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” was the easiest for the guys who played his friends.
In a scene where Carell gets his chest hair waxed, the former “Daily Show” star wasn’t acting. His co-stars weren’t either.
“It was really like the easiest day of filming for us because we just had to stand there and watch, and all of the reactions were pretty organic,” Paul Rudd told reporters.
Rudd, best known as Phoebe’s husband in the last season of “Friends,” also co-starred with Carell in last year’s “Anchorman.”
Carell √≥ who punctuated the painful rips by shouting things like ” Kelly Clarkson!” √≥ made the “Jackass”-style scene funnier with his reactions, Rudd said.
“The first few times it was just like, oh my God. What makes it funny was also Steve’s reaction, because it takes a second for the pain to hit,” he said.