Take your time, Dre! We’ll be here when its ready!!

Dr. Dre Hoping To ‘Shock’ On Next Album
It’s been six years since hip-hop legend Dr. Dre’s last studio album, and its planned follow-up, reportedly titled “Detox,” seems no closer to completion. But one of his key collaborators tells Dre is continuing to work on new music and still plans to release another album, even if it takes several more years to do the job right.
“There will be another Dr. Dre solo album, without a doubt,” says bassist Mike Elizondo, who began working with the artist on the 1999 album “Dr. Dre — 2001” and has since been a fixture on Dre-produced recordings by Xzibit, Eminem and the Game.
“Dre has very high standards,” Elizondo responded when asked what is taking so long. “He wants to shock the world and put something out that no one would have ever thought possible from a hip-hop artist. He’s definitely going to take his time and make sure it’s right, but there will be a collection of songs that will come out as a Dr. Dre solo album.”
However, the timetable for finishing the album remains murky. Asked if Elizondo had played on any of the tracks to date, he replied, “We’ve been working. There’s a team assembled and we’ll definitely continue moving forward on that.”
“Dr. Dre — 2001” debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 7 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.