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SCTV Network 90 – 4th Volume (5th Season) Cover Art & Complete Details
Coming September 13th release!!
Here is the press release and the info on the back of the box:
SCTV’S INCREDIBLE 5TH SEASON (Yes, that’s Volume 4) finds the show renewed on NBC and still in the 90-minute format. Three cast members have departed, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis and Catherine O’Hara-although Catherine makes a memorable return in “The Christmas Show,” but Martin Short’s star rose in their absence. His inimitable character Ed Grimley finds his way into many of the sketches. The Shmenges are back and John Candy introduces Mr. Mambo.
The Volume 4 box set features four Emmy-nominated shows (“Towering Inferno,” “Christmas Special,” “Midnight Cowboy” and “Sweeps Week”), plus Robin Williams as a guest in the “Jane Eyrehead” episode; it also includes musical guests John Mellencamp, Joe Walsh, and Crystal Gayle.
Includes an extra DVD with 3 extra episodes-12 episodes total- 33% more content at the same price as the first 3 volumes! Also includes a collectible set of character trading cards.
(From the back cover)
The Complete Fifth Season – 12 Full Episodes
SCTV’s incredible fifth season finds them renewed and back on NBC.
Martin Short explodes in this season with his characters Ed Grimley, Jackie Rogers, Jr., and Brock Linehan. Plus, the Shmenges are back and John Candy does Divine doing Peter Pan.
Robin Williams guest stars in the “Jane Eyrehead” episode, and later in the season Martin Short does a fabulous send-up of him doing a “Taing” commercial. Also guesting and performing are Joe Walsh, John Cougar Mellencamp, Harold Ramis, Fred Willard, America and more. And Catherine O’Hara returns for a special guest appearance in the “Christmas” episode.
Look for Vic Arpeggio, Private Investigator and parodies of Midnight Cowbay (John Candy as Joe Buck), The Towering Inferno, A Star Is Born and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (Ed)? – more proof that these shows just kept getting better.
Never Available On Video Or DVD – Until Now.
Total Running Time +/- 14 Hours
Bonus Features
SCTV Remembers: Interview with Martin Short
SCTV At Play – Home movies of cast and crew
Sammy Maudlin At Second City
SCTV – The Producers
Canadian TV references revealed