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Elton John slams Live 8
Rocker Elton John, known in recent years as much for his periodic outbursts as his musical output, has slammed Live 8 as an “anticlimax.”
John was one of the featured performers at the benefit, which took place at several venues around the world on July 2.
“Oh God, here I go,” he said in an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper when asked his opinion of Live 8. “I thought it was a bit of an anticlimax, to be honest.”
“There was no sense of occasion and from a musical point, I didn’t think there were too many highlights,” he said, adding that he was nonetheless “very pleased” to be included as one of Live 8’s headliners.
In the days leading up to the global gig, organizer Bob Geldof √± who also spearheaded 1985’s Live Aid √± said the simultaneous shows represented “all the promise of rock ‘n’ roll.”
“You will never see it again. You will never see this happen again. It will be the greatest concert ever,” Geldof boasted.
John says he had no quibbles with Geldof’s stated goal √± to raise awareness of global poverty and put pressure on the leaders of the G-8 nations; however, he said the venue of the London concert itself might have sapped energy from the performers.
“The thought behind it was fantastic, but Hyde Park is a charisma-free zone,” he said.
The Canadian edition of Live 8 took place in Barrie, Ont. Organizers spoke out beforehand to defend the lineup, which included the likes of Randy Bachman and Blue Rodeo. According to some critics, more young acts should have been included.
John says the bottom line is that Live 8 could never have been as exciting as the original Live Aid concerts 20 years ago: “How could it be?”
The flamboyant entertainer built a career in the 1970s out of hits like Daniel and Rocket Man. In the latter stage of his life he has found success penning stage musicals, but his verbal barrages have at times overshadowed his musicianship.
Last year, John made headlines when he attacked Madonna for allegedly lip-synching during live shows. He also called photographers in Taiwan “rude, vile pigs.”
John says now that the source of his outspokenness is not chemical. “I haven’t got Tourette’s syndrome, but I can’t censor myself. Why should I?” he said, adding that his most recent remarks will probably make people think he is a “grumpy old sod.”