As long as he keeps making them, I will love his work!

Murray keeps up the good work
NEW YORK ó For a self-described retiree, Billy Murray never stops working.
“I’m officially retired,” he joked at the premiere of his newest movie. “I officially retired before this!”
“This” is Broken Flowers, which won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and stars the soulful Murray as a playboy who finds out that he might have a grown son from a former relationship.
An uncharacteristically gregarious Murray turned up at the film’s premiere Wednesday night, telling reporters that he’d just had “a perfectly good cup of ice cream that someone took from me, so I had to do this,” meaning red-carpet interviews. Dessert aside, his secret to chilling out on a hot summer night?
“This seersucker’s pretty cool,” Murray said.
In the film, which opens Aug. 5, Murray’s Don Johnston embarks on a cross-country journey to track down the boy and becomes, as his character says, “a stalker in a Taurus.” Along the way, he reconnects with old girlfriends played by Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone and Frances Conroy.
Could Murray, a father of five sons, imagine a situation like Johnston’s? “It could happen to anyone,” he said. “Well, not to a woman. A woman would know.”
As for the future: “Now that I’m retired, I’m going to try again to learn guitar. And I’m going to try to work on my Spanish. I can speak some French, but I’ve got to work on my Spanish.”