Well, she’s still hot!

‘BB6’ contestant’s legal past revealed
Contestant Janelle Pierzina was in deep trouble even before entering the ëBig Brotherí house. According to The Smoking Gun site, Pierzina answered a three and a half year-old arrest warrant just days before starting the ëBig Brotherí game.
In 2001, Pierzina faced a misdemeanor theft charge after being accused of stealing from a Macyís store. Court records show that between 2001 and 2004, three warrants were issued for Pierzinaís arrest when she failed to appear in court. On June 24, Pierzina pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor theft charge. She was fined $982 U.S. and ordered to stay at least 100 yards from Maceyís.
The Smoking Gun also reports that Pierzina has faced bench warrants before when she failed to appear for an arraignment on a misdemeanor DWI count. Pierzina was sentenced to a 60-day suspended jail term, placed on a year’s probation, fined $1000, and directed to enroll in an alcohol education program. Pierzina failed to complete the alcohol education program and another bench warrant was issued for her arrest. Pierzina later appeared in court and completed the program.