Big Brother rocks!! Oh, SPOILER ALERT!!

Tempers erupt on ‘Big Brother’ feeds
A personal grudge between two HouseGuests spilled over into a physical confrontation on the 24/7 live Internet feeds on Saturday night.
After the players were given some alcohol they had won in a Friday afternoon Food Challenge by the producers, HouseGuests Michael Donnellan, the 28-year-old artist from California and Eric Littmann, the 36-year-old firefighter from Las Vegas, got into a shouting match and Eric had to be physically restrained by the other players in the backyard when he charged at Michael. Both had been drinking Saturday night.
The live 24/7 Internet feeds were immediately sent to a camera inside the fish tank, the standard practice when the producers do not wish the public to witness certain events like an important competition.
Bad blood has been brewing in the house for some time over Michael’s behaviour towards the female players. Many of the women have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way Michael has physically interacted with them to their fellow HouseGuests and the producers themselves. Michael has been seen biting one player’s behind and kissing some of the women on the neck. Some days ago, Eric, this week’s Head Of Household, confronted Mike over the allegations and used the term “sexual harassment”. He asked Michael to cease his behaviour. Since that time, both men have held a grudge against one another.
Remarks Michael may or may have not made about Eric’s family sparked the confrontation tonight. Already fuming after being told of the comments, Eric erupted when Michael came into the backyard.
Eric asked Michael if he had a problem.
“Yeah, I got a problem with you. You got a problem with me?,” Michael reponded.
When Michael said Eric was all talk and no action as well as having a small penis, Eric leapt out of his chair and charged in Michael’s direction.
“Don’t talk about my family you (expletive) piece of (expletive),” yelled Eric. “That’s right, talk about my family behind my back.”
The other HouseGuests intervened and Eric was held back by several of them. On many occasions in the house, Michael has claimed to be well versed in martial arts.
“You’re going home,” Eric shouted as ‘Big Brother’ made an announcement.
On Friday, Eric had nominated Michael and Janelle for eviction.
As per the rules of the ‘Big Brother’ game, anyone making verbal or physical threats against another player can immediately be removed from the house and disqualified from the game.
When the feeds returned late Sunday morning after being blacked out for hours, both Eric and Michael were still in the house. In talking with Rachel as they made breakfast, Eric said he was sure ‘Big Brother’ was going to ask him to leave the house over the incident but it appears they have given him and Michael a second chance.
√¨My actions in throwing the chair back was deemed a threat. It still wasn’t right by me. It is over and I am glad I am still here,√Æ Eric told Rachel and Ivette.
Later on in the dining room, the HouseGuests spoke about Michael wanting to leave the house but the producers convincing him to give the idea some thought.
“I would never strike another man. I gotta say the producers have everyone’s interest at heart,” said Eric speaking more about the incident. “If everyone wasn’t safe with me being in the house, I would have packed up my stuff and left.”
During ‘Big Brother 2’ in 2001, contestant Justin Sebik was ejected for putting a knife to contestant Krista Stegall’s throat, asking her if she would still love him if he killed her. This happened after a night of boozing by the younger House Guests, partying which both Justin and Krista participated in. Kristin laughed off Justin’s actions and kissed him.
In 2003 on ‘Big Brother 4’, contestant Scott Weintraub, the 33-year-old waiter from Chicago, was removed from the house and the game for throwing a temper tantrum in the house. The outburst caused some of the players to fear for their own personal safety.