Bye Ashlea! I will miss staring at you!! MY favourite now is Janelle. Good luck, girl!!

Ashlea booted from ‘Big Brother 6’
It is back to the sunshine state for Ashlea Evans. The 22-year-old fashion design student from Florida was the first HouseGuest to be evicted on ‘Big Brother 6’. To those who have watched the 24/7 live feeds on the Internet, the boot was no surprise, however, to the television-only viewers, the real reason which led to her elimination remained a secret after last night’s episode aired.
Though it is true Ashlea was targeted because of Rachel’s pact with the Surf Board Alliance (the team that won last week’s Food Competition) and the fact that of all the HouseGuests, she was one that Rachel didn’t connect with right off the bat, Ashlea and Janelle’s attempt at forming an early alliance in the house also greased the skids.
A secret ‘Big Brother 6’ team, friends Ashlea and Janelle discovered through talking to the other HouseGuests that a number of them were from the state of Florida. Janelle and Ashlea’s effort to shape an alliance out of that common bond backfired. The twosome were immediately characterized as “hardcore” players and neither could shake that label.
What television viewers also aren’t aware of is the significance of the 9 to 2 vote. James and Eric conspired to rig that vote to create an atmosphere of mistrust and dissention in the house. Following through with their underhanded plot and knowing that Janelle would vote to keep her friend Ashlea in the house, James deliberately switched his vote to Kaysar. The thinking being that the other HouseGuests would wonder who went back on their promise to the group and voted for Ashlea to stay.
On the first live eviction show, the producers revealed what most feed watchers had already guessed – who the teams of pairs are in the ‘Big Brother’ house. It was announced that the partnerships are: Eric and Maggie (workmates, friends), Beau and Ivette (friends), James and Sarah (boyfriend, girlfriend), Howie and Rachel (friends), April and Jennifer (sorority sisters), Janelle and Ashlea (friends, roommates), Michael and Kaysar (friends).
In the weekly Head of Household Competition involving trivia about the ‘Big Brother’ house, Eric, the 36-year-old firefighter was victorious. Eric’s nominations for eviction will air on Saturday night’s episode of ‘Big Brother 6’ on CBS.