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The Couch Potato Report – July 5th, 2005
This week The Couch Potato Report features one of John Candy’s greatest films and some cartoons that date back as far as 1928
While I was buying my DVD copy of the 1991 film ONLY THE LONELY a few weeks back the teenage cashier looked at the title of the film and said, “‘Only The Lonely.’ Ohhh, I love Elvis Presley.”
She then proceeded to speak with her two – also teenage – co-workers about Elvis and his music, and how much she enjoyed it.
I debated whether to say anything, and then after my transaction was complete, I spoke up and I said, “‘Only The Lonely’ is a Roy Orbison song.”
They thanked me politely for the information, but as I walked away I overheard the cashier asking her friends, “Who’s Roy Orbison?”
Although I have friends who do, I never feel old when I find myself in situations where someone younger than me doesn’t know the music I know and love.
What does come to mind is a hope that people – such as this teenage cashier and her friends – get the chance to listen to artists like Roy Orbison some day.
That is my hope for many reasons, but primarily due to the fact that Bo Bice, Gavin DeGraw, Rob Thomas, Howie Day, and many of the other artists you can currently find at the top of the charts added together don’t equal one Roy Orbison.
And many of the actors working in Hollywood today don’t equal one John Candy, the man who is the main reason why I was buying the DVD of ONLY THE LONELY.
Now, prior to his work in that movie Candy had put his comedic talents to good use on the television show SCTV and in the movies SPACEBALLS, PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES, THE GREAT OUTDOORS, UNCLE BUCK and HOME ALONE.
In ONLY THE LONELY Candy was given one of the few dramatic roles of his career, and he is wonderful!
With his comedic background Candy easily handles the film’s lighter comedic moments, but he also does a superb job with the more serious parts of the script.
In the end his Danny Muldoon is a believable and sympathetic person.
That person, Danny, is a 38-year-old Chicago cop who still lives with his mother.
Screen legend Maureen O’Hara plays the mother and even though she had appeared in the classic films HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, THE QUIET MAN and THE PARENT TRAP when ONLY THE LONELY came out in 1991 it was her first role in almost 20 years.
But I digress.
O’Hara’s character is named Rose, but she is an irate, stubborn woman. That said, she is also a loving, caring mother to Danny.
Without actors like O’Hara and Candy in the leading roles, this could have turned into a film about a mama’s boy and his mean old momma.
Instead the actor’s talents allow them to give us people we like and care about.
Candy’s talents shine even brighter when he meets an introverted make-up artist played by Ally Sheedy of THE BREAKFAST CLUB.
Their relationship initially flourishes, but the son can’t quit worrying about his mother long enough to be any kind of lover or partner.
Plus, the Mother is uncomfortable and challenges the young lady as she finds her place as the only woman in her son’s life threatened.
ONLY THE LONELY succeeds as a love story, and a comedy. It is a very beautiful film that is heartwarming and poignant and very worthy of your time.
And if the cashier at the store where you buy it or rent it doesn’t know who sings the title song, or who John Candy is, make sure you tell them as well!
Yes, from time to time we may have to remind people who Roy Orbison is, or John Candy for that matter, but it is unlikely that we will ever have to tell anyone who Mickey Mouse is.
However, that isn’t due to the fact that people in this day and age love his cartoons, that is due to the fact that Mickey is the corporate image for The Walt Disney Company.
Yet it was cartoons that brought fame to Mickey Mouse, and Walt Disney.
Now some of those very first Mickey Mouse cartoons are available on the DVD VINTAGE MICKEY.
The disc has nine of the mouse’s most memorable cartoons, including the classic “Steamboat Willie” from 1928, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon released and the first cartoon with sound.
No, Mickey doesn’t wear his trademark gloves and he doesn’t speak either. All he does is whistle and play music.
VINTAGE MICKEY also includes the Academy Award nominated “Mickey’s Orphans” and “Building A Building”, plus the always entertaining “The Birthday Party.”
Yes, it is true that all of these cartoons have already appeared on DVD in the Walt Disney Treasures releases MICKEY MOUSE IN BLACK & WHITE, but since those releases were limited editions, and are no longer available, this disc is an inexpensive, fun, and wonderful way to own and look back at the origins of the little mouse who became one of the world’s most famous images.
Whether he is speaking, or just whistling and playing music.
VINTAGE MICKEY and the superb ONLY THE LONELY are both available now at a store near you.
Clint Eastwood’s Academy Award winning masterpiece MILLION DOLLAR BABY debuts on video and DVD.
I’m Dan Reynish and I will have more on that film, and some other releases in seven days.
For now, that’s this week’s COUCH POTATO REPORT.
Enjoy the movies and I’ll see you back here next week on The Couch!