SCTV’s fifth season comes with 33% more content!
SCTV’s fifth season (Volume 4) finds the show renewed on NBC and still in the 90-minute format. Three cast members have departed, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis and Catherine O’Hara-although Catherine makes a memorable return in “The Christmas Show,” but Martin Short’s star rose in their absence.
His inimitable character Ed Grimley finds his way into many of the sketches.
The Shmenges are back and John Candy introduces Mr. Mambo.
The Volume 4 box set features four Emmy-nominated shows (“Towering Inferno,” “Christmas Special,” “Midnight Cowboy” and “Sweeps Week”) plus Robin Williams as a guest in the “Jane Eyrehead” episode; it also includes musical guests John Mellencamp, Joe Walsh, and Crystal Gayle.
The DVD set will include an extra DVD with three extra episodes, bringing the DVD set total up to 12 episodes – 33% more content at the same price as the first 3 volumes! The set will also come with a collectible set of character trading cards.
As extras, the release will offer Commentary Tracks with Martin Short and Catherine OíHara, a new Martin Short Interview and a selection of Featurettes called ìThe Producers: Part 2,î ìThe Firehallî and ìSammy Maudlin Today.î
The Shout! Factory will release SCTV Volume 4 on September 13.