Evangeline finished second to Eva?!??! On what planet would that be true!?!?!?

No ‘Desperate’ climb
A year ago, she was a relatively unknown former daytime soap actress who had just shot a pilot for a TV show. Even then, Maxim magazine saw something in Eva Longoria that inspired the editors to reserve a place for her on their annual Hot 100 list.
This year, the red-hot Desperate Housewives actress has catapulted to the top spot in the special issue, which hits stands May 19.
She follows an impressive list of previous No. 1’s, including Jessica Simpson (this year’s No. 9), Jessica Alba (this year’s No. 5), Christina Aguilera (this year’s No. 16) and Jennifer Garner (this year’s No. 3).
“It’s kind of exciting and shocking all at the same time, because I was No. 91 last year,” says the Mexican-American beauty, 30. Longoria called in from her L.A. home shortly before taking off for Canada to begin work on the feature film The Sentinel.
“Considering all the women in the world, No. 91 isn’t all that bad. But (last year) I didn’t go to the (annual Hot 100 celebration) party, because I don’t think anyone wants the 90s at the party.”
Longoria, who appeared on the January 2005 cover of Maxim, is the only one of the Housewives on the list, but her co-stars aren’t surprised. Co-star Felicity Huffman says, “What’s hot about Eva is her smile, her laugh, her joie de vivre … and following all of that, her (behind).”
“What doesn’t make her a hottie?” asks Jesse Metcalfe, the lucky young buck who gets to share a bed and sometimes a bath with Longoria on ABC’s hit prime-time soap. “She’s pretty much flawless. She’s not a diva in any way. Normally, when they’re that hot, they’re not that cool.”
Longoria, who says she has a steady beau (but won’t say who), credits her TV character with helping to elevate her Maxim ranking. “Maxim and Gabrielle go hand in hand,” she says of the mag aimed at young men. “Gabrielle’s sexy, confident and sensual, and I think Maxim shows those beautiful qualities in their women. When you look at the Top 10, it’s singers or working actors who are doing really good things in the entertainment business.”
This year, Longoria outranks such popular leading ladies as Tom Cruise’s new love, Katie Holmes (No. 22); Catwoman Halle Berry (No. 41); and Star Wars queen Natalie Portman (No. 42).
Though thrilled to be No. 1, Longoria would place No. 7 Angelina Jolie √≥ Brad Pitt’s “pal” and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ goodwill ambassador √≥ atop her own personal hot list.
“Angelina is the definition of sexy,” Longoria says. “Everything about her is sexy √≥ her empowerment, confidence, strength, beauty, character, her morals and what she stands for.”