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Lucas: ‘Star Wars’ to Live on TV
LOS ANGELES ( The “Star Wars” movie saga is drawing to a close next month, but George Lucas says the universe he created may continue to expand on television.
Speaking at the biggest “Star Wars” convention ever held over the weekend, Lucas said he’s approved the creation of two TV series to continue the franchise in the future.
“We’re doing a pilot television series now called ‘Clone Wars,'” Lucas told the audience at Celebration III, a huge “Star Wars” convention in Indianapolis. “Well, we’re going to take that and turn it into a 3-D animated version full series.”
The animated series will presumably pick up and expand the story of Cartoon Network’s 2-D “Clone Wars” shorts, executive produced by Lucas and directed by “Samurai Jack” creator Genndy Tartakovsky.
The second project, Lucas says, will be a live-action series in the vein of “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” which had a one-season run on ABC in the early 1990s. According to, Lucas says the show would take place in the time between the events of the forthcoming “Episode III” and the first “Star Wars” film, which follows “III” in the story’s chronology.
“There’s none of the main characters from I, II, and III …,” Lucas says, before pausing to correct himself. “Well, actually, that’s not exactly true now that I think about it. We haven’t really started the TV show, so it’s hard to answer. There’s a lot of issues that are connected, but you won’t necessarily see a lot of the people that are connected.”
Lucas expects work on the live-action series to begin in about a year. He says he’ll be involved with getting the show off the ground before ceding day-to-day control to a showrunner.
“Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” opens in theaters on Thursday, May 19.