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Isle to Aisle
Did Mariano and Brkich tie the knot?
Between their Survivor appearances and their current travels on The Amazing Race 7, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich have traveled the globe for CBS, but their latest port of call, on CBS’ dime, was reportedly a Bahamas wedding on Saturday. So far, CBS has kept mum, but Brkich’s hometown paper, the Beaver County Times in Beaver, Pa., reports that the pair’s secret nuptials were to take place on Saturday at a Caribbean resort, and that CBS filmed the ceremony for broadcast on May 24, the second-to-last night of May ratings sweeps, opposite the final performance episode of Fox’s American Idol.
Despite the confidentiality agreements that the couple and their guests signed with the network, the Times reports that locals in the small town spotted CBS camera crews with Brkich at her bridal shower at a local country club and at an area bridal shop. The Times also reported that much of the wedding party departed on Wednesday for the Bahamas for the weekend ceremony.
Mariano and Brkich became an item during the filming of 2004’s Survivor: All-Stars, where she won the $1 million jackpot and he was the runner-up. Their winning ways have continued on Amazing Race, whose finale is May 10.
Already, they’ve won trips to Monaco, London, and conveniently enough, the Bahamas. So it looks like CBS will be footing the bill for the million-dollar couple’s honeymoon as well.