‘Housewives’ Catfight on Vanity Fair Photo Shoot
The stars of Desperate Housewives turned into desperate divas on the set of their Vanity Fair cover shoot when Marcia Cross took offense at the star treatment lavished on Golden Globe-winner Teri Hatcher. According to writer Ned Zeman, who was present when the bust-up occurred, Cross “lost it” when Hatcher was moved into the center of the group shot, despite publicists’ demands that photographers treat cast members as equals. Zeman says, “ABC (TV) publicity demanded that, in all the different set-ups that the women would be posed for photographs, Teri Hatcher absolutely was not to be in the center of the women. There had been some tension on the set over who’s getting the awards and who’s getting most of the magazine covers – that would be Teri Hatcher.” And when Hatcher seemed to be taking over the shoot, through no fault of her own, Cross showed off her fiery side. Zeman adds, “She screamed (the publicist’s) name and said, in essence, ‘I want you to get over here and do your bleeping job…’ Then she launched into this profanity-laced tirade. Teri was most visibly upset and got very emotional and was tearing up and was on her cell phone seeking comfort from someone.” Hatcher insists the spat has been blown out of proportion: “However it comes off, I believe that everyone is as grateful to be on the show as I am.” Meanwhile, cast mate Eva Longoria claims the fight was sparked by over-the-top primping and preening: “They forget we just shot a 16-hour day the day before and when someone’s tweaking every little hair, it’s like, ‘Stop touching us, just shoot the picture.'”