Go see it! The film is superb!!

Frank Miller on SIN CITY
Comic book legend Frank Miller openly admits that director Robert Rodriguez seduced him into adapting three chapters of his graphic novel SIN CITY as a film.
“I wanted to keep my baby safe from the clutches of Hollywood. I didn’t want some happy ending. I decided I didn’t want a movie done and would continue doing my books. But that crazy Texan wouldn’t let up.
Working with actors was .‚Ć.‚Ć. a real surprise and a thrill to me. More than anything that hooked me into this. Actors get bad reps. When Truman Capote said actors were dumb, he proved he wasn’t a director. Mainly it was Robert’s absolute commitment to remain absolutely faithful to the material. I was hooked.
You don’t work with this level of talent without learning. Rosario Dawson and Clive Owen had very good chemistry going. The story became more romantic than it really was. It had to do with her performance and his performance and all that. The list can go on. When you work with Bruce Willis, you change. Bruce Willis is our Apollo. He’ll give you everything you want. He’ll just mumble something and make a connection you never made.”