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‘King Kong’ Crew Marks End of Filming
WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Peter Jackson was one of those monkeying around during a party for the film crew remaking the classic movie “King Kong.”
The remake of the 1933 classic by New Zealander Jackson, who directed the fantasy trilogy “Lord of the Rings,” was likely to go into post-production within a couple of weeks, publicist Melissa Booth said Monday.
The weekend crew party on a back lot set built to replicate 1930s New York “was essentially our wrap party,” she told The Associated Press. Everyone involved in the movie √≥ from Hollywood stars to construction staff √≥ was invited.
The party was “just like a proper carnival” with giant fairy tale characters wandering the streets and a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round for children, partygoers said.
A never-ending supply of bananas was on hand as a tribute to the giant primate.
Filming of the $145 million remake, funded by Universal Pictures, began Sept. 6. The movie is due for release in December.
The cast includes Australian actor Naomi Watts, who plays damsel in distress Ann Darrow; Oscar winner Adrien Brody, the movie’s romantic hero Jack Driscoll; and offbeat comedy actor Jack Black, who plays raconteur and filmmaker Carl Denham.