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‘The Incredibles’ unleashes the extras
Being home alone with The Incredibles’ baby Jack-Jack was once meant to be in the film, but the scene didn’t make the final cut.
Director Brad Bird lets DVD viewers see what babysitter Kari faces when Jack-Jack’s superpowers are revealed while the rest of the family is off battling Syndrome.
The 4-minute, 40-second Jack-Jack Attack is just one of the extras on The Incredibles DVD out today ($30, Buena Vista). There’s also:
√Ø The Oscar-nominated short Boundin’, which played in theaters with the movie.
√Ø An alternate opening with the Parrs, Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Helen (Elastigirl), at a neighborhood barbecue. It’s shown in storyboard form with Bird and story supervisor Mark Andrews commenting. During the cookout, Helen takes offense at someone who downplays her homemaker role. Like the film’s work-vs.-family themes, this resonated for Bird and his wife, Elizabeth, who worked in the film industry. They decided that she should stay home with their three sons if he could support them. “She started finding that people were treating her differently because she was no longer part of the professional world,” Bird says.
ï An animated behind-the-scenes documentary.
Craig T. Nelson, who voices Mr. Incredible, says he was told that there wouldn’t be a sequel, but Bird is keeping an open mind.
“I have a lot of bits that I would love to see with these characters,” says Bird, who is taking a break before his next film. “If I can … come up with an idea worth exploring and get the original team reassembled, I would like to” do a sequel.