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UK Courts Crack Down On File Sharing
The UK courts are cracking down on illegal online file sharing and ordering ISPs to give names and addresses of sharers.
The names and addresses of 31 accused people will be given to The British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The BPI will then write to the individuals and offer them a a chance to settle before taking them to court.
According to a CNET article, the ISPs involved in the case now have 14 days to provide the names sought by the BPI. The individuals named will then be invited to settle the charges, probably by paying a fine of around $3,820 (2,000 pounds).
The BPI hopes that the amount of publicity generated by last week’s court success will deter Internet users from uploading copyright material to file-swapping networks.
“We’re reluctant to say, ‘OK, the job’s done. Let’s spend money on making records,'” the BPI spokesman said. “I suspect that the problem won’t go away just because we’ve launched two rounds of litigation.”