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James Bond Down To Two Candidates Now!!
Hi, everyone. “Moriarty” here with some Rumblings From The Lab…
Thatís right. Two very different James Bonds are being considered at the moment. Expect the choice to come from this group of guys. Itís really down to Amy Pascalís final choice, and as I understand it, sheís in the midst of making her mind up right now. Whoever gets picked starts work soon with Martin Campbell on CASINO ROYALE.
Does she want to go with Julian McMahon, star of TVís NIP/TUCK and this summerís FANTASTIC FOUR, who seems like a more movie star glamorous choice, or with Daniel Craig, star of LAYER CAKE and ROAD TO PERDITION, who seems like a hard-ass take-no-shit kind of Bond?
Either way, I think I like those choices. They show more imagination than the knee-jerk ìClive Owenî contingent, and I think thereís the potential for either of these two guys to bring something new to the series, a must if itís going to remain relevant.