Here’s hoping that Steven Tyler is better on tour than he was – and is – in “Be Cool.”!

Aerosmith Gears Up For Tour, Live Set
Aerosmith will reconvene in late August or early September to prepare for a tour that will begin in the fall, guitarist Joe Perry tells The group has also begun sifting through material for a prospective live CD/DVD. “We’re trying to find a show that has been recorded from beginning to end,” Perry says. “That’s something the fans have been requesting: a stone cold live record with a video.”
“Some of the shows we’re looking at are from the last year, but who knows,” the guitarist continues. “We just heard about somebody who had a bunch of tapes from 1972. It might be fun to watch some of that on the B-side.”
As for the follow-up to 2004’s blues-inspired collection “Honkin’ on Bobo,” Perry reveals that Aerosmith will try to return to the studio “during a break in the tour sometime next year.” And while “Bobo” was recorded at Perry’s basement studio, the Boneyard, the next set will likely be put to tape in a new facility the band built within their Boston-based office.
“On the one hand, it was a lot of fun to do it here, but the studio is truly in the basement,” Perry says. “It’s right in the house, so the drums just thunder. The whole family is involved [laughs]. For countless nights, they would go to bed hearing the band rocking out downstairs. That was a dream come true; to come full circle from having a garage band in the basement of my parents’ house to doing the same thing with Aerosmith now.”
“The one limitation we have is the size,” he continues. “We have to record in a style where we’re limited to one way of playing. What we did by putting the other studio in is allow a lot more flexibility for drum and guitar sounds. The next project we do we’ll definitely do the majority of it there, but I’ll probably do guitars here. I have some great old stuff here that they don’t have there.”
As previously reported, Perry utilized the free time since Aerosmith’s last round of touring to complete his self-titled solo debut, due May 3 via Columbia. Without revealing specifics, he hinted that the upcoming projects may encompass Aerosmith’s final bout of major activity.
“We’re closer to the end than the beginning, and again, that’s part of why I wanted to put this record out,” he says. “I don’t know how long we’re going to keep going, but I feel really good about it. I really wanted to get it out. I don’t know if I’ll be as excited about putting out solo records or even going out on the road in five years. Time goes by fast.”