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Will Ferrell may star in ”Elf” sequel. He’d earn $20 million for ”Elf 2,” which Jon Favreau may return to direct.
GOOD BOY Ferrell may get a big Christmas present for ”Elf 2”: $20 million
Guess it takes a long time to send messages back and forth to the North Pole. It’s been nearly a year and a half since the release of Will Ferrell’s hit comedy Elf, but only now is the deal coming together to make a sequel.
According to Variety, New Line hopes to reunite the creative team behind the 2003 movie, including Old School screenwriter Scott Armstrong (who did an uncredited draft of Elf) and director Jon Favreau (second-choice helmer is New Line production veep Kent Alterman, reportedly a favorite of Ferrell’s). Of course, the studio is in talks with Ferrell to reprise his starring role in Elf 2, for which he’d earn $20 million.
”We’re only going to make this if it’s with Will,” New Line production chief Toby Emmerich told Variety. Which is good, since otherwise, the result might be Son of Elf, starring Jamie Kennedy.