Foos Draft A Pair Of Jones’ For New Album
Foo Fighters have landed guest appearances by Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and singer/songwriter Norah Jones for their upcoming double album, which will feature one disc of rock tracks and another of songs recorded in acoustic settings. With basic tracks completed, the band will now focus on overdubs and final vocals, with an eye on releasing the album this summer.
“We’ve recorded a lot of music for this record,” guitarist Chris Shiflett writes on the Foos’ message board. “It’s over 40 songs or versions of songs. Of course, that’ll get narrowed down to about half of that number for the final track list.”
Shiflett gushes about the appearance of John Paul Jones, who contributed mellotron, piano and mandolin to several songs. “That guy is like royalty but he was so down to earth and cool, it was incredible,” he says. “Of course, we managed to sneak in a few Zeppelin trivia questions and he even riffed ‘Kashmir’ on the mellotron for a minute.”
Norah Jones’ appears on a song with “a really cool Elvis Costello vibe to it,” according to Shiflett. “Her voice is beautiful and fits the song really nice.” Addressing fans who scoffed at the artist collaborating with a loud rock band, Shiflett said, “Trust me, it’s really good. You’ll see soon enough.”
At present, the Foos have three international festivals on their performance slate, beginning July 7 at the Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway. As previously reported, frontman Dave Grohl plays drums on Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming album, “With Teeth,” due May 3 via Interscope.