It’s another job I won’t get!

There could be a new Regis on the block.
Regis Philbin appears to be grooming “Survivor” host Jeff Probst to take over “Live with Regis & Kelly” when he one day says “adios amigos.”
“This is a guy who would kill, kill to sit here every day,” Philbin told viewers yesterday while priming the audience for a guest appearance by Probst, who dropped by to promote the latest season of “Survivor.”
“And one of [‘Live’ executive producer Michael] Gelman’s favorites,” Regis said.
Probst has subbed as a guest host for Philbin several times in the past, when the 73-year-old TV icon has gone on vacation.
Gelman “is grooming him for the day I say adios amigos ó you’ll see him fighting his way in,” Regis joked.
“He sits here and he looks at you ó the whole thing is developing right before your eyes,” Regis told his leggy co-host, Kelly Ripa.
“I think a little jealousy is what we’re watching unfold,” Ripa shot back.
“Regis was kidding around with a friend of the show and it’s nothing more than that,” a spokesperson said.