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‘Die’ Another Day
Bruce Willis is 49, but that’s not stopping him from donning John McClane’s tank top one more time. The long-in-development fourth Die Hard movie, the first since 1995, is about ready to shoot, Willis told BBC Radio this week. A year ago, Willis told reporters that the big hurdle was coming up with a script that handled the franchise’s usual terrorism plot in a way that was appropriate after 9/11. But Willis and Twentieth Century Fox have apparently overcome that stumbling block.
In London to promote his forthcoming action drama Hostage, Willis also revealed the sequel’s title. ”Die Hard 4.0 is being written as we speak,” he said, ”and if all goes well we’ll be shooting it in autumn on the East Coast of the United States.” The actor was reluctant to divulge much more than that. He said, ”John McClane has retired as a cop, and that’s all that Fox have allowed me to tell you about it.”