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Tame Super Bowl Still Draws FCC Complaints
LOS ANGELES ( In stark contrast to last year’s wardrobe malfunction-dominated Super Bowl, viewers were apparently relatively comfortable with Sunday’s (Feb. 6) football action and its surrounding entertainments and commercials. Through Monday, the Federal Communications Commission has reportedly only received 33 comments stemming from the game, including several complimenting the broadcast.
According to “Mediaweek,” most of the complaints stem from the expensive commercials that aired during the game. The ad featuring a curvaceous brunette, received the bulk of the ire. Eight people wrote in about the spot, which FOX and the NFL refused to air a second time. Five more people took offense at the ad for erectile dysfunction drug Cialis, while one lone viewer was disgusted by a Pepsi spot featuring lusty “Queer Eye” star Carson Kressley.
Paul McCartney’s halftime show generated four complaints, though two of them kvetched about how boring the former Beatle was. Two others took exception to the drug references in one of McCartney’s songs.
At least one viewer, probably misjudging the FCC’s power, asked that the regulatory agency have Joe Buck removed from the announcing crew.
While those isolated complainers may have had concerns about the Super Bowl content, the normally pugnacious Parents Television Council was entirely copasetic with the game and its surrounding festivities.
“The PTC commends FOX, the NFL and its advertisers for displaying a modicum of respect for the many viewers who voiced concern about last years Super Bowl broadcast,” the PTC says in a statement. “The PTC also thanks each and every viewer who took the time to voice his or her concern for the wholly inappropriate content which Viacom arrogantly dumped into our living rooms.”
The “Mediaweek” article notes that more complaints may still be coming. It seems highly unlikely, though, that Sunday’s game will distort the entire media landscape in the same manner as last year’s game.