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Genie Award nominees announced
TORONTO (CP) – Nominees for the 25th annual Genie Awards – the Canadian version of the Oscars – were unveiled Tuesday by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.
Being Julia, the Robert Lantos film that stars Annette Bening, was nominated for best picture, along with Love Sex and Eating the Bones, the Triplets of Belleville and two French-language films Ma Vie en Cinemascope (My Life in Cinemascope) and Memoires affectives (Looking for Alexander)
Andrea Martin, who is currently starring on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof, will host the awards this year, the academy announced.
“Things haven’t gone too well since my SCTV days,” Martin joked to a news conference in a taped segment from New York.
“So when the kids in Canada found me on the street and said would you host this, the Genie thing – the I Dream of Genie thing – I said yeah . . . bring on the bling.”
Her sister Marcia Martin will be executive producer of the Genie telecast.
Filmmaker Atom Egoyan and his wife, actor Arsinee Khanjian, announced this year’s nominees.
“It’s an ongoing festival in this country that goes on with every film that we produce,” said Khanjian. “I think that is something that remains our first and foremost task to be able to make it not only available but make people aware – the audiences per se – that we have one of the richest production pools in this country.”
CHUM Television stations, including Citytv outlets in Toronto and Vancouver, Star, Bravo and Access will be broadcasting the awards, which will take place March 21.