All I ask is for it to look less fake! Make it look real, Sam!!!!

Raimi Plans for More Realistic ‘Spider-Man 3’
LOS ANGELES ( — Sam Raimi says he’s not quite happy with the computer-generated swinging and jumping that his live-action Spider-Man does on the big screen. So, before he starts filming his third part of the superhero franchise, he’s going to get it right.
“We’re really trying to shoot for a level of reality that we haven’t yet achieved yet with the ‘Spider-Man’ films,” Raimi says to in an interview on Thursday (Feb. 4) just before the release of “Boogeyman,” which he produced. “It’ll be subtle, and the audience probably won’t even be aware of them, but to that character specifically, we’re looking at how can we improve his style of movement, his density, the sense of weight, how can we take the next step.”
He plans to start some test shooting “Spider-Man 3” in March, although not yet with the principle cast. He did the same thing with “Spider-Man 2,” testing special effects for the big hospital scene and used a lot of the footage they shot during the test phase.
“I’m actually going to start shooting tests next month — tests, experiments with costume and characters and movement and new CG types of technology that we’re going to develop, combinations of existing technologies that are put together in new ways that make it seem new, but it already exists,” says Raimi, who was on the backlot of Sony Pictures in Culver City, Calif. “Our stunt people are also going to be working also shooting tests, mechanical FX tests.”
Although Sony Pictures won’t let him give out specifics, he says screenwriter Alvin Sargent is busy on the screenplay for “Spider-Man 3” based on drafts done by Raimi and his brother. He has figured out who Spider-Man’s next nemesis will be, but won’t say — nor will he even speculate about Internet gossip predicting it will be Venom. Meanwhile, he’s just planning on getting the film done by May 2007.
“We’re going to do big scenes earlier and probably even in the first thing that we shoot really early might be plate photography and maybe even as early as September,” he says. “It could be as early as that.”