Will Evangeline Lilly be on the cover?

The TV show LOST has gotten so popular, the fictional rock band on the show, Drive Shaft, is threatening to become a real band ó and may even put out an album.
“We’ve been talking about putting out an official album,” “Lost” executive producer Bryan Burk tells TV Guide Online.
On the show, Dominic Monaghan (“Lord of the Rings”) plays Charlie Pace, the bass player for Drive Shaft ó a supposedly famous rock band fronted by his brother, Liam.
Already, several faux fan Web sites, including, have sprung up that include fake bios of its members, tour dates and even a downloadable song called “You All Everybody” (which popped up as background music at a party on a recent episode of “Alias”).
There’s even a music video at
One of the Web sites mentions how Charlie has mysteriously disappeared and has dedications to the band’s missing bassist.