There is a magazine called “Autograph Collector”!??!?!

Depp’s the Best, Spears the Worst Autographer
LOS ANGELES ( – Next time you want a celebrity autograph, step up to “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp, but steer clear of Britney Spears.
Depp, 41, tops the list of the best celebrity signers of 2004, according to Autograph Collector magazine.
“Johnny Depp has decided to be the undisputed most-accommodating autograph signer in Hollywood today,” says Steve Cyrkin, the magazine’s publisher and Editor-in-Chief. “One collector told us, ‘He’ll sign for everyone, and it doesn’t matter how many things you ask him to sign.'”
Depp’s fellow stars happy to take up a sharpie for their fans include “Bourne Supremacy” star Matt Damon in second place, followed by Tom Cruise, Mike Myers, Angelina Jolie, “Lord of the Rings” hobbit Elijah Wood, “Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff and “Monster” Oscar winner Charlize Theron.
On the flip side of fame are the luminaries who’d rather not acknowledge their fans with a signature. Leading the list of the 10 worst celebrity signers is pop star Britney Spears because “no one is better at showing their fans how little they mean to them.”
“While we’re the first to defend any celebrity’s right not to sign, how do you defend rude, crude and downright unattractive behavior?” says Cyrkin. “As one collector told us, ‘Britney has done all she can to earn her nickname, ‘Bitchney Sneers.'”
Keeping Mrs. Federline company is “Charlie’s Angels” star Cameron Diaz, webslinger Tobey Maguire, Diaz’s beau Justin Timberlake, the Olsen twins, “Aviator” star Leonardo DiCaprio, rapper Eminem, the now split Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and hotel heiress Paris Hilton.
The March issue of Autograph Collector is currently on newsstands.