Men want her and women want to be her!

Angelina Jolie has been called many names recently – except for the obvious: America’s ultimate sex goddess.
Her rep as being the kind of gal who’ll steal your husband (and probably discard him the next morning) and the gossip linking her to Brad Pitt only adds to her bad-girl allure.
“Angelina represents everything I love about women – beauty, giving, power, strength and sensuality – and she can kick ass!” says feisty Italian designer Donatella Versace.
“It’s not her eyes or curves or lips that are sexy – it’s her brain – which is her sexiest muscle.”
Donatella isn’t the only one who thinks so.
“A lot of women have girl crushes on Angelina,” says MaryEllen Gordon, deputy editor (Style) at Glamour magazine.
“It’s not sexual, it’s aspirational. She intrigues us. She’s got so much going on, and seems to manage it all without having to play by the rules.”
Isaac Mizrahi has another perspective on the twice-married, currently single 29-year-old mom who looks as comfortable traipsing through a jungle as the U.N.’s goodwill ambassador as she does swanning down the red carpet.
“She’s like a truck driver trapped in a sex symbol’s body, which is what makes her so astonishing,” says Mizrahi.
“There’s something gritty about her, and she does a great job at being a bad girl.”
“It’s the marriage of her intense beauty and her seeming not to care what people think of her,” says Mizrahi. “She lives her own life, a private life that she refuses to qualify.”
You may not have those lips, that body, or even that style – but there are a few tricks all of us could use to release that inner Angelina.
Read the following and find out how.
– Look like you just had a romp
Whether it’s been six minutes or six weeks, every woman has the ability to fake that dewy, post-sex afterglow.
“Even if you don’t wear color cosmetics,” says celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes, “you can do something to improve the condition of your skin. Too many women just don’t bother.”
Though tousled hair can look clichÇd if it’s not your usual style, nearly everyone looks good in Angelina’s no-fail staple: smoky eyes.
“Smudge gray powder over your eyelids,” Barnes says, “then apply liner and finish with mascara. This combination of products makes your eyes look wider and bigger.
– Put your lips to work
“Men always focus on a woman’s lips. We look at them when you’re talking, when you’re eating,” says Barnes, who admits he’s never come across another woman with lips as mesmerizing as Angelina’s.
Resist the urge to sign up for emergency collagen injections, he says, insisting no amount of cosmetic surgery can replicate Angelina’s pillowy pout.
Instead, follow her lead and never wear lipstick. “She always goes for a lightly colored balm or a nude gloss. It will give your lips that slippery look men find irresistible.”
But, you also have to know how to work those liquid lips.
“And Angelina knows how to do that. I see it in the way she smiles and how she bites on her lip – it always makes me suspect that she’s thinking about sex, which, of course, makes me start thinking about sex.”
– Be a woman of action
And not just between the sheets.
Angelina’s got a pilot’s license. She collects knives. She did many of her own stunts in “Tomb Raider,” and as a result, suffered several injuries from torn ligaments in her ankle and burns from a chandelier.
While plenty of stars write charity checks, she’s a serious activist who’s traveled to Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Namibia and Chad as a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
– What she doesn’t have is a diva attitude.
Marc Bouwer, who designed the white gown Angelina wore to the Oscars last year (without a date, by the way) says the star proved amazingly low-maintenance, especially by Hollywood standards.
“I was expecting the usual celebrity chaos,” he says. “But there was no diva behavior – but the woman I meet was amazingly cool, calm and charming. She’s so self-assured she doesn’t even have handlers.”
Fear stops people achieving most of the goals on their wish list, says self-help author Alison James. Before you can fly a plane, she says, you have to start by doing simple things outside your normal boundaries.
Learn to ride a motorcycle. Instead of a week at a Caribbean resort, go on a hiking, biking or camping trip in the mountains.
“Little things,” James says, “will give you the confidence that you need to take bigger risks – the kind of risks that lead somewhere.”
– Bone up on your flirting skills
Why do men seem to cling to Angelina? She lets them. Watch her body language. She’s as easy about touching people as she is being touched and that’s a turn-on.
Body language that even hints a woman is uncomfortable – with herself or the man she’s accompanying – is a turn-off.
“That includes hunching your shoulders and covering up your body with your arms,” says Barnes. “It’s uninviting on every level, but it certainly doesn’t make a man think he’s with a woman who is at ease with him.”
– Lob a subtle bomb
Angelina and Billy Bob had the walls of a room in their Los Angeles home padded, specifically so their lusty smackdowns wouldn’t land them in the ER. Or did they?
All that really matters is that they said they did.
You don’t have to create a sex asylum in your apartment, but as an aspiring goddess, you must realize how to enhance your appeal with the power of suggestion.
Maybe you had an affair with your female college roommate. Maybe you are a member of the Mile High Club. Maybe that bruise on your arm is from having “a little too much fun with a fireman last night.”
Or maybe not. If you properly channel Angelina and think positively, by the time he finds out, he won’t care.
– Get a ‘disposable boyfriend’
Cancel the highlighting appointment and book a room in the Mercer instead.
“Meeting a man in a hotel room for a few hours, and then going back and putting my son to bed and not seeing that man again for a few months is about what I can handle now,” Angelina recently told The Post.
It’s a quote worth framing and mounting on the wall.
“It’s sexy to know that she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t care about mussing her hair up in the middle of the afternoon,” says Glamour’s MaryEllen Gordon. “And her candor adds to her allure.”
Instead of devoting so much of free time to self-enhancement, take a “disposable boyfriend.” That’s the term for a “guy you usually say you won’t go out with – because you know he’s not the one,” explains Alison James, author of a new book, “The 10 Women You’ll Be Before You’re 35.”
And don’t underestimate the benefits of dating guys you’re not planning to marry – Angelina, who says she doubts she’ll ever remarrry, has a steady stream of them.
“You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have,” James says.
– Ditch the Park Avenue princess look
Unlike most women in the 10021 zip code, Angelina never looks like she clocked too many hours at the Elizabeth Arden salon.
And let’s be honest: That head-to-toe polish that’s considered so chic on the Upper East Side can leave the impression you’re a little chilly between the sheets.
Ditto, the contrived “I’m sexy,” look of wearing a black lacy bra under a tight white shirt.
Instead of giving your look some unexpected edge, this combo has become such a popular date-night uniform, it’s now an instant telltale sign that you’re concerned you’re a tad too uptight.
Wannabe-sex-goddesses who try too hard are setting themselves up for failure.
The trick, after all, is to look as if you didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of time getting dressed.
If Angelina’s penchant for the tattoos aren’t your thing – but you still want that bisexual biker-girl vibe – try wearing leather pants.
But be sure to go for feather-light leather and not the cheaper, chunkier type that inevitably makes your butt look twice its natural size.
Quirky accessories are another option, but remember the floral brooch is passe.
Think more along the lines of a killer pair of stilettos, racy fishnets or a funky newsboy cap – but choose just one. Piling on too many accessories leaves you looking like a hooker. You’re trying to give the impression that you can be playful and fun – not that you are a high-maintenance, obsessive-compulsive shop-a-holic with a Barneys dependency habit.