I was already planning on watching it, and now I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!!

Winslet to Star in New Gervais Sitcom -Report
LONDON (Reuters) – “Titantic” star Kate Winslet is to appear in British comedian Ricky Gervais’s follow-up to cult sitcom “The Office,” The Sun newspaper reported on Saturday.
British actor Jude Law will also star in the sitcom “Extras,” which is set in the world of bit-part movie players and sees Gervais playing aging film extra Andy Millman.
“It’s great to have Kate Winslet and Jude Law on board as we have so few British people who have made it big in Hollywood, but these are two who have,” Gervais told The Sun.
“In ‘Extras’ Jude and Kate play twisted versions of themselves,” Gervais added.
Winslet, 29, has been nominated for Academy Awards for her roles in “Titanic,” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Iris.”
Last year “The Office” won two Golden Globe awards as well as dominating Britain’s BAFTA television awards for a third consecutive year.
The Daily Mirror newspaper also reported Gervais had been offered a part in “Mission Impossible III” by director Jeffrey Abrams.
“I know the director well and he said: ‘Do you want a part?’ I just replied: ‘Yeah, that will be great’,” Gervais told the Daily Mirror.