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Stormtrooper Helmet Goes up for Auction
LOS ANGELES ( – Some lucky “Star Wars” fan will get an early Christmas present.
A rare helmet worn by stormtroopers, the film’s armored soldiers loyal to the evil Emperor, will go under the hammer at Christie’s auction house in London on Tuesday, Dec. 14, report British news sources.
The helmet is one of six that were custom made for “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas as a prop for his pitch of the original 1977 film to movie execs.
The armor piece was purchased 12 years ago for $13 (7 pounds UK) at a car boot sale — the equivalent of the American flea market where second-hand items are sold out of the back of a car.
The helmet is expected to fetch a winning bid of approximately $13,300.
Other entertainment-themed items up for sale that day include: the original moon buggy from the 007 film “Diamonds Are Forever,” Charlie Chaplin’s false moustache from “The Great Dictator,” his cane from “Modern Times” and “Ali G’s” rhinestone-studded tracksuit and knuckle-duster ring.