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More Information About SPIDER-MAN 3
Even if SPIDER-MAN 3 is still in the early stages of conception, Sam Raimi can bring up-to-date the fans about the upcoming sequel.
Raimi and his brother have finished a 50-page document to flesh out SPIDER-MAN 3. Sam Raimi is now ready to work with a storyboard artist to work out some of the visuals and with Alvin Sargent to work on a first draft of the screenplay.
There may be 50-pages worth of work done so far but Raimi he’s still toying around with different possibilities for a chief villiain or villains to confront Spider-Man. Raimi says he still needs to figure out what life lessons Peter Parker will experience, what obstacles will be in his path and if he’ll be able to overcome these conflicts.
SPIDER-MAN 2 will be released on DVD on November 30 while SPIDER-MAN 3 is set to hit theaters on May 4, 2007.