If she is comfortable with it, so am I!

In “Closer,” Natalie Portman shows audiences a side of her they haven’t seen before – but not quite as much of it as director Mike Nichols had originally planned.
Her character, Alice, makes a living as an exotic dancer, and Portman threw herself into preparing for the role before shooting began.
To research a scene involving a chance encounter with Clive Owen’s character, Larry, at the strip club where she works, Portman visited a few clubs and took lap- and pole-dancing lessons.
When it came time to bare all, the raven-haired beauty insists, “It felt pleasing.”
It may have felt that way, but it certainly didn’t look pleasing – not to Portman, anyway.
When Nichols’ original cut featured a full-frontal shot of the 23-year-old actress, she reportedly ordered him to remove the offending frames.
Nichols, who has been like a second father to Portman ever since their first collaboration on an all-star production of “The Seagull,” agreed that the footage was gratuitous and needed to go – much to the disappointment of male fans everywhere.
“He’s as or more protective of me than my parents are,” Portman has said. “So doing sexual, physical stuff for him felt very uncomfortable.”