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‘Evil Dead’ Will Rise Again
LOS ANGELES ( – Cult favorite “The Evil Dead” is about to be resurrected.
The original film’s producers — Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert — will remake the horror flick through Ghost House Pictures and Senator International, report new sources.
The 1981 film, written and directed by “Spider-Man” helmer Raimi, centers on a group of friends who vacation in a remote cabin in the woods where they discover an archaeologist’s taped translation of an ancient text, The Necronomicon. Upon playing the tape, an unspeakable evil is unleashed that turns each of the teens into deadly zombies. The only holdout is Ash (Campbell) who must fend off the “Evil Dead.”
“The ‘Evil Dead’ is such a special film to Sam, Rob, Bruce and horror fans that we are going to take great care in renewing this franchise,” says Joe Drake, president of Senator International. “By keeping its original formula intact and given audiences’ appetite for horror, we expect that we’ll have a real hit on our hands.”
“Evil Dead” gained its cult following from its graphic violence and spawned two sequels, “Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” and the more tongue-in-cheek “Army of Darkness.”
Raimi won’t direct the remake, leaving it to Ghost House to find a helmer. It hasn’t been determined if Campbell will make an appearance in the update.
Raimi, 45, recently executive produced “The Grudge,” which is a remake of the Japanese horror flick “Ju-on” and is a producer on the upcoming “Boogeyman,” which is scheduled for release in February. He is currently prepping “Spider-Man 3.”
Campbell, 46, recently made a cameo in Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2” and is currently filming the family superhero adventure “Sky High.” He next appears in the horror film “The Woods,” which will be released in September.