She’s yummy! I can’t wait to watch it!!

Kelly Clarkson Shreds Clothing, Sweetheart Image In New Video
Hell hath no fury like Kelly Clarkson scorned. In the former American Idol’s next video, she’s going to rip her sweetheart image to shreds ó along with a few other choice items.
To be directed by Alex De Rakoff, “Since You’ve Been Gone”, which shoots this week, begins with Clarkson hanging out in the bedroom of a sunny apartment, casually rifling through dresser drawers and pulling out clothes while singing, “We started out as friends.” According to the treatment, she’s seen through an increasingly wider angle, as if we’re watching her through a partially closed doorway, as she puts on lotion and mists herself with perfume, lingering over the vanity table. Everything seems normal until she gets to the bathroom and starts tossing all the pills in the medicine cabinet over her shoulder. When she gets to a container of birth control pills, she turns on the water in the sink, snaps the pills out and drops them down the drain.
Clarkson starts grabbing at other items, like a container of makeup powder, which she throws up in the air, creating a cloud of pink haze. She takes a container of facial mud masque and smears the mud on the wall. The sink overflows as she sings, “Since you’ve been gone,” but she’s already moved on to the bedroom, where she’s tearing at the fabric of the pillows on the bed, filling the room with feathers. The closet is her next victim, as she tries on a few items and tears them off, ruining sweaters as she sings, “Guess you never felt that way.” She then attacks the clothing with a pair of scissors.
The question of why starts getting answered when she heads to the front room, where she grabs a heavy knickknack off the bookcase and walks over to a glass table that’s covered with a dozen framed photos. A closer view reveals that all the pictures show a guy and a girl ó a girl who is not Clarkson. Singing “out of sight, out of mind,” she lifts the knickknack and lets it drop right through the glass top of the table, shattering the glass and scattering the pictures across the floor in slow motion. With a satisfied look on her face, she grabs a tall CD rack, tilts it so that all the CDs slide out on the floor, and then releases the rack so that it falls on top of the discs.
Having decimated the place, she walks out the door and down the hallway, just as a couple walking arm in arm comes from the elevator ó the same couple from the photos. Clarkson hides her face when she passes them, and they don’t notice her. She gets in the elevator, looking back as the girl opens the door to her apartment and smiling as the elevator doors close.